Can I receive partial payments for an invoice?

Can I receive partial payments for an invoice?

Definitely! If your customer has almost reached their credit limit on their card or their bank account is running low in balance, you can provide them the convenience of making partial payments using Zoho Inventory. There are two ways in which you can receive partial payments:

  • Navigate to the Invoices tab on the side bar.
  • Open the preferred invoice.
  • Click the Record Payment button.
  • Enter the amount you received from your customer in the Amount Received field. (Note: You cannot enter an amount that exceeds the total value of the invoice.)
  • Fill up all the details and click Record Payment.

This will successfully record the first installment of the invoice payment. Your invoice status will now be shown as Partially Paid.

  • Click the Record Payment button again for the same invoice.
  • The balance amount due will be automatically populated.
  • Fill up the other payment details and click Record Payment.

The invoice status changes to Paid upon receiving the complete payment.