Create Price List in Foreign Currency

Create Price List in Foreign Currency

In Zoho Inventory there are two ways in which a price list can be created:

  • Option 1 - By percentage - this price list will allow you to markup or markdown the prices of all your items in your base currency.
  • Option 2 - By entering item rates individually - this price list will allow you to alter prices at the item level and it also gives you the ability to assign a currency for the prices on this list. Hence, if you wish to create price lists in foreign currency, this is the option for you.
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      To customize the prices for items individually: Expand the Items module in the sidebar and go to Price Lists. Click the + New Price List button and enter a name for your price list. Select the option Enter the rate individually for each item. Enter ...
    • How to associate a price list to a customer?

      Create a Price List. Go to Contacts. Open a customer contact. Click the Edit button. Under the Other Details section you can associate a price list. Click Save.
    • How to enable price lists?

      With price list, you can customize rates for items in a sales order or all items sold to a particular contact. To enable the price list feature: Go to Settings > Preferences > Items. Check the option Enable Price Lists and save. You can now create a ...
    • What should I do if I wish to invoice my customers in various foreign currencies?

      In Zoho Books, the item prices will always be in the base currency. To invoice a customer with a foreign currency, you first need to associate that currency to your customer. This will be applied when you raise an invoice for that particular customer ...
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