Create Zip files

Create Zip files

Easily create zip files to back up multiple files and folders in WorkDrive web. If you want to store this data in your computer, you can simply download the zip file at any time and extract its items.

To create a zip file:

1. Go to My Folders or a Team Folder in the left pane.
2. Select the required files and/or folders.
3. Click the more actions icon in the top action bar, then select Zip from the dropdown.

Alternatively, you can right click the selected files and/or folders and select Zip.

4. Change the zip location, if needed, then Click CREATE ZIP.

Zip name and location

5. After the file is successfully zipped, click the finder icon in the bottom-right to go to the zip location.
6. Select the zip file to view all the files and/or folders in it.

download or extract zip file

7. Click DOWNLOAD to download the zip file to your system.
8. Click EXTRACT TO to extract all the files and/or folders in the zip file to a folder. 
9. Select the dropdown arrow at the top, then choose My Folders, Shared with Me, or a Team Folder.

You can also create a new folder, if needed.

10. Click EXTRACT.

  1. Supported zip format for preview: .zip. 
    Supported zip size for preview: Max. 2 GB

  2. Support for zip file preview and extraction are only available in WorkDrive's Business and Enterprise Editions. Check the details of all editions of WorkDrive here.

  3. In case of any interruption due to network error or page refresh, the zip action will still continue to take place in the server, and the zip will eventually be created in the given location.

  4. You can also read about Scheduling Zip actions and Zip Limitations.
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