How do I record my bill payments?

How do I record my bill payments?

Recording from bill

To record a bill payment:

  • Opening the bill.
  • Select the option Record Payment.
  • Fill in the details of the payment, such as the amount and date etc.
  • Click on the Save button.
  • Once you save the payment, the status of the bill changes to Paid or Partially paid accordingly.
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    • Can I record partial payments on my bills?

      Yes you can, and each of these partial payments will be recorded and displayed below the bill that you have made them to.
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      To record vendor credits: Go to the Contacts module and open a preferred vendor. Click the New Transaction button. Choose the Bill Payment option from the drop-down. Record payments for all the existing bills - paid in full or partially or you can ...
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      You can monitor all your billing and payment operations in Zoho Inventory by running the Bill Details and Payments Made reports for preferred time frames. More than just assessing the money you owe and keeping up with your payments on time, it will ...
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      You can partially bill your purchase order by raising a bill for a portion of the total quantity of the items in it. To record a partial bill: * Create a purchase order with a say, five items and have it in the Issued status. * Go to More and select ...
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