How do I record vendor credits?

How do I record vendor credits?

To record vendor credits:

  • Go to the Contacts module and open a preferred vendor.
  • Click the New Transaction button.
  • Choose the Bill Payment option from the drop-down.
  • Record payments for all the existing bills - paid in full or partially or you can also record excess payments and save it.
  • The amount in excess will be recorded as a vendor credit which you can apply on your future bill payments.
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    • Can I track my purchases by vendor?

      Yes you can! Monitor all your purchases by vendor by generating the Purchase by Vendor report under purchases of the reports module. This will help you identify your ideal suppliers and the quantity of items in various stages of the transactions.
    • How do I record my bill payments?

      Recording from bill To record a bill payment: Opening the bill. Select the option Record Payment. Fill in the details of the payment, such as the amount and date etc. Click on the Save button. Once you save the payment, the status of the bill changes ...
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      Recording partial payments against an invoice can be done in two ways: When you manually record payments for your invoices, and when customers pay for their invoices through an online payment gateway. When you manually record payment for your ...
    • Can I record partial payments on my bills?

      Yes you can, and each of these partial payments will be recorded and displayed below the bill that you have made them to.
    • I ship my own products, can I record manual shipments?

      Yes you can. To do so: You can manually create a package first and then click on the Ship button on top of the packages page. Select the Ship Manually option. Fill up the Shipment Order#, Carrier and other fields. If the shipment is already ...