How do I turn off/on auto generation of invoice numbers?

How do I turn off/on auto generation of invoice numbers?

To turn on/off auto generation of invoice numbers, click on the tiny settings button right next to the field ‘Invoice number’. Here you can choose to either enable or disable auto generation. This can be done both while converting an estimate into an invoice, or later on by going to a created invoice and clicking on ‘Edit’. For imported invoices, we provide an option to enable or disable auto generation before the upload.

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      Just go to Settings – More Settings. This will take you to Preferences. Select the General preferences sub tab and scroll down. Here you can find a section titled Do you give discounts? Now, you can choose to avoid discounts, give one at invoice ...
    • How is instant invoice different from creating a normal invoice?

      A normal invoice creation from a sales order will lead you to an invoice creation form. Here, you can configure the details to be included in the invoice like which items and how much quantity is to be invoiced. You can also enter the batch or serial ...
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      ​To create a new invoice: - you can do so in 3 ways. Method 1: From the Invoices module: You can create a new invoice by clicking on the quick create (+) icon near the Invoices module on the side bar or by clicking on the +New button on the right top ...
    • Why can’t I autogenerate bill numbers in Zoho Inventory?

      A bills in Zoho Inventory is nothing but an invoice that your vendor sends to you for making purchases. Hence, the bill number will be provided by your vendor and cannot be generated by you.
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      Go to Settings > More Settings > Templates and select the invoices tab. You can edit the predefined invoice templates by clicking on the Edit button that appears when you hover over them. You can also create a new invoice template by selecting ...