What are the features available in Zoho Inventory?

What are the features available in Zoho Inventory?

Zoho Inventory supports the following features:

Stock management:
  • Creating and tracking the inventory(stock flow) of Items and Item Groups.
  • Grouping items together.
  • Composite Items - Kitting/Bundling of items.
  • Serial Number Tracking - For tracking individual units of an item.
  • Batch Tracking - To track items based on batch numbers and expiry date.
  • Customize your item prices by creating price lists and assign them to your favorite customers, sales orders and invoices.
  • FIFO cost lot tracking, stock reports, sales, purchase and activity logs.
Customer and vendor management:
  • Recording customer and vendor information for communication, monitoring and transaction.
  • Personalize the tone of your communication through email templates of your own.
  • Smart interactive dashboard for a quick look at the Big Picture.
Order management:
  • Associate your taxes and tax groups to items and transactions.
  • Create sales orders, raise invoices, get paid instantly by integrating to a payment gateway, print package slips and generate shipment labels.
  • Manage reorders, create purchase orders, record deliveries to your warehouse using purchase receives and raise bills to keep abreast of vendor payments.
  • Integrate with popular e-commerce platforms and monitor your stock flow across multiple sales channels.
  • Establish an integration with reliable shipping carriers to take care of your shipments from within the app. We support more than 30 carriers at the moment.
  • Secure your money by integrating with time tested online payment gateways.
  • Seamlessly integrate with our accounting platform - Zoho Books.
  • Bring in your network of customers and suppliers from Zoho CRM.
  • Track Shipments and be notified on the whereabouts of your shipment.
  • Tailor your organization in Zoho Inventory by configuring your preferences.
  • Add custom fields to your orders, invoices, bills and payment receipts.
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      A bills in Zoho Inventory is nothing but an invoice that your vendor sends to you for making purchases. Hence, the bill number will be provided by your vendor and cannot be generated by you.
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