What are the modules in Zoho Inventory?

What are the modules in Zoho Inventory?

Zoho Inventory has different modules to cater to different areas of managing your stock.

  • Get the whole picture of your business with our smart Dashboard.
  • Connect easily with your customers and vendors with Contacts.
  • Record and manage your stock with Items and Item Groups.
  • Create kits and bundles with Composite Items.
  • Document sales, send invoices, package and ship goods with Sales Orders.
  • Track the status of your shipments with Packages.
  • Restock your inventory with Purchase Orders.
  • Manage and pay your vendors on time with Bills.
  • Generate real time and multi-perspective Reports.
  • Expand your reach to new markets with Integrations, which connects your organization with popular online sales channels, a host of shipping service providers, online payment gateways, accounting and CRM software.
  • Tailor your organization to suit your needs and preferences with Settings.
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    • Why can’t I autogenerate bill numbers in Zoho Inventory?

      A bills in Zoho Inventory is nothing but an invoice that your vendor sends to you for making purchases. Hence, the bill number will be provided by your vendor and cannot be generated by you.
    • What is Kitting or Composite Item in Zoho Inventory?

      A Composite item in Zoho Inventory is a single commodity that is composed of two or more items and/or services. With composite items you can: Create kits and sell them for customized rates. Perform assemblies to create finished goods.
    • What are the features available in Zoho Inventory?

      Zoho Inventory supports the following features: Stock management: Creating and tracking the inventory(stock flow) of Items and Item Groups. Grouping items together. Composite Items - Kitting/Bundling of items. Serial Number Tracking - For tracking ...
    • What are the different types of reports generated by Zoho Inventory?

      Zoho Inventory generates a host of reports of different focal points to give you the complete picture of your stock flow, warehouse and the operations associated with it. Our reports can be broadly classified into 4 types: inventory reports, sales ...
    • How to export only the items linked to marketplaces in Zoho Inventory?

      If you have integrated your Zoho Inventory account with online marketplaces, you can export the items linked to the marketplaces separately. The export file will contain basic details of the items along with the sales channel association details. To ...