Will I be able to track the position of the packages post shipping?

Will I be able to track the position of the packages post shipping?

Yes! You can track your shipments in realtime by integrating your Zoho Inventory organization with AfterShip, a leading shipment tracking solution that supports over 400+ shipping carriers worldwide.

With AfterShip, both you and your customer can receive the position of your shipment on every step of the way till the delivery is made.

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    • How do I track the status of my shipments?

      You can track the status of your shipments from the packages module. This will display all the details and the status of the package. In the cases when you have made shipments using a carrier, you can do so using the Tracking IDs given by them from ...
    • Can I create shipments or packages for dropshipped sales orders?

      No. As the name suggests, its an order that you have dropshipped. This would plainly mean that your vendor will be the one doing the packaging and shipping of the goods to your customer. Hence, you cannot create packages or shipments for dropshipped ...
    • Can I create a single shipment order for multiple packages?

      Yes! You can include multiple packages in a single shipment order in Zoho Inventory. Here’s how: Important Note: Only those packages that are associated with the same sales order can be included in a shipment. The following steps is applicable only ...
    • Can I obtain shipping rates from different carriers before I choose my mode of shipment?

      When you ship your goods using a shipment provider, you can get rates from all the shipping channels you have integrated with. To do so: Create a package. Open the package slip. Click on the Ship button. Choose the Ship via Carrier option in the drop ...
    • Can I track my purchases by vendor?

      Yes you can! Monitor all your purchases by vendor by generating the Purchase by Vendor report under purchases of the reports module. This will help you identify your ideal suppliers and the quantity of items in various stages of the transactions.